Sunday, July 13, 2008

The post in which I discuss random Star Wars stuff, none of which has anything to do with sewing.

When we found out we were having a kid, I knew we had the announcements covered since at some point during one of my random marathon internet surfing sessions I'd bookmarked a website with the coolest announcements ever.

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan - I'm talking, 'eyes glaze over and nothing gets done for the rest of the day if any of the Star Wars movies are on TV' type of fan. Please don't ever get him started with trivia because he'll talk for hours about things like jawas and wookies and the underlying symbolic reasoning behind every minutia of each movie. Right after I found out we were expecting, I saw a photo on Flickr that set off what became 9 months of all things vintage Star Wars (including a shower complete with a Star Wars themed diaper cake). I purchased enough vintage Star Wars sheets to linen an entire hotel and created a pretty bad-ass nursery.

When I thought about announcements, I had the perfect idea of combining Rattle-N-Roll's work with the Star Wars theme. I added announcements to the list of things I to line up before Miles arrived but, in true Robin fashion, it never got done. So, I added it to the list of things to finalize in his first few weeks but there were a few other minor events that kept me from getting them done in the time-frame in which most normal people do announcements (see: dog dying, child with colic, and a severe sleep deficit). Somehow though I got my shit in gear and I finally finished sending them out a few weeks ago.

I must say, they're freaking awesome.

Each time I look at the announcements (and the movie poster-sized print we had made), I'm amazed. I was worried that the announcements might not live up to my expectations, that they wouldn't be able to capture Miles' likeness or that it wouldn't resemble the movie poster enough. Turns out I didn't need to worry at all - Ryan at Rattle-N-Roll created a finished product that we will treasure forever. The first time Mark saw the proof he was like a kid at Christmas - a tough feat for my husband who is infinitely hard to please.

On another note, I crafted a bad-ass Star Wars taggie blanket for Miles to take to daycare. He loves to hold it and suck on the edges and, while I know I'm creating a habit that I will regret one day when he's 4 years old and screaming because we left his blankie in some random, unrecoverable place, for now I think it's pretty cool...

Or at least I thought it was cool until my husband, while skimming the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog that came today, tapped my leg and held up the catalog. I shrieked in horror. My cool, original, vintage Star Wars bedding is no longer cool and original - it's in a freaking Pottery Barn catalog. Part of me wants to be honored that my idea is so cool that it's now featured in a uber-yuppy catalog but most of me is just pissed that my cool, original idea is now a mass-marketed, cookie-cutter room theme of suburban children everywhere.