Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Something must be wrong with me because last night I couldn't sleep. Again, as with the Mai Tai's a few nights earlier, this is an odd phenomena given that there are few people who love their sleep as much as I do.

I tossed and turned all night and felt as though I were a kid the day before a big school field trip - the kind where you spend the night in your clothes because you're just that excited.

Maybe it's because I finished my studio last night. And, to say I love the space would be a gross understatement. It's totally inspiring to be surrounded by colors (thread, ribbon, fabric) and, although the amount of space in which I work hasn't increased, the functionality is so much better that it feels exponentially larger. I couldn't stop smiling last night - a big feat given that I'd had a grueling day at work.

Ready for some photos (including the horrible 'before' shots)? Just click on the photo to the left to launch the set - I tried to add lots of comments to keep you entertained. But I did leave out a few additional notes:

1. After seeing a friend's basement done in the perfect shade of turquoise about two years ago, I've been hoarding 'Tiffany blue' paint chips. That combined with all of the incredible turquoise studios I've seen lately made me really, really consider painting the room. But, my husband is a fanatic about painting - we're talking get out the tiny artist brushes and make sure the line between the molding and wall is exactly perfect kind of fanatic; that combined with the fact that the existing paint is still in great shape (Home Depot Behr paint is amazing - six years later it still looks perfect) and that I'm still quite fond of the color (very surprising for someone with fickle taste like mine), the room remained the same butter-cream 'Rotunda'.

2. Our house is small - 1948-type small. Since I decided to set up shop in the second of the two bedrooms on the main floor (our 'master' - if you can call our tiny room that - is the other bedroom on the main floor) the room had to remain functional as a guest room: which meant I had to work around a queen-sized bed and couldn't take over the closet.

I thought it might not be as much fun to work around those guidelines - that I might not get everything I wanted. I couldn't have been more wrong - my new space is perfect! Can't wait to put it to good use!


Elisa said...

Your studio looks great, I wish you a lot of happy crafting hours there. Nice to read your blog.

Toni said...

What a beautiful studio! Looks like one of those in swanky magazines, needs a few scraps and thread on the floor. LOL. My hubby helped me with mine but doesn't like stuff on the walls.

Amber said...

Very nice and the fabric all organized in the drawer is drool worthy...lol! ;) Great job.

Anonymous said...

Your studio looks gorgeous! I was wondering, where did you get your thread holding rack? It's much larger than most I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know if you "oiled" or "sanded/finished" the top of the varde cabinet... I love your studio so much! (I have the same complication of a very tiny home, and the second bedroom is our guest room too, which is used a lot so I can just use the bed as a table anymore...)

The dresser/kitchen island says you have to oil it to keep it from warping in the directions. I am not too concerned with warping ... what did you do?



robin shetler said...

Hey Mae. I did very lightly sand (and subsequently oil) the Varde cabinet when I first got it - mostly because I wanted to be sure it wouldn't snag the fabric. I didn't know about the warping potential. I haven't done anything since and (knock on wood) it's been fine. I imagine the warping only comes into play if it's used in the kitchen (around water, food, etc.) more so than in the studio. Hope that helps!