Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thank you, thank you and thank YOU!

I think I've found a new (and cheaper) alternative to therapy: flickr. Just post some pretty pictures and read the comments. Guaranteed to give you an instant ego boost!

The comments about my studio have been tremendous and just what I needed after a couple of very crazy days around here. Thanks to everyone who has sent me a note, made a comment or viewed the pictures. It's a great feeling to bust your butt on something and hear that others find it just as cool as you do - total redemption for spending Memorial Day surrounded by fabric scraps while my friends drank beer and played on the beach.

As I work in my new studio, I'm finding it just as functional as it is pretty. It's a joy to work in a space that's pretty, organized and usable. If you're considering a 'studio re-model' just do it - it will be worth it. I promise.

And, yes, as some of you requested - you will soon see some projects out of the new studio. There's just one problem (aside from my crazy travel and work schedule): I recently finished a big project that's a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately, due to that little stomach bug I had over the weekend, I couldn't delivery it to my dear, and very pregnant, friend Kara. Given a few extra days to work on the big surprise, I had to add a few more items into the mix.

Of course I'm horrible at keeping secrets so here's just a taste of part of the surprise. More soon - I promise.

Until then, sweet dreams of pretty, pretty studio spaces.